Introducing the Sorgen Royale Compression Stockings

The Sorgen Royale collection of compression stockings has wonderful softness and breathability. Our secret is microfiber’s remarkable comfort. In fact, microfiber makes one of the most comfortable medical graduated compression stockings offers. Relieve your tired and painful legs and treat varicose veins with our supple and smooth Sorgen Royale collection. Three compression degrees available, 18-21 mm Hg (class I), 23-32 mm Hg (class II), 34-46 mm Hg (class III).   About Sorgen Royale Compression Stockings With a combination of comfort and durability, the Sorgen Royale compression stockings; both thigh-high and knee-length deliver graduated compression support to manage mild, advanced […]

About Sorgen

With great Royale and Classique collection, industry-best pricing, and customer service, you and your loved ones will find comfort with Sorgen! There are so many of us with leg health issues, and the number keeps rising. For many of the leg and hand health conditions, a physician recommends medical graduated compression stockings or sleeves. It’s equally important for people such as athletes, teachers, healthcare professionals, office workers, who do not yet have venous conditions to wear graduated compression socks for the preventative health benefits. And that’s where Sorgen comes in! For more than two years, we’ve built the Sorgen reputation […]

What You Need to Know About Medical Compression Sleeve

A medical compression sleeve is worn to reduce the symptoms of varicose veins, chronic edema, and lymphedema, such as bulging, pain and swelling on the hands. While varicose veins related to genetics is known, it may occur due to other factors such as prolonged inactivity of hands, aging and more.   How compression sleeves help with varicose veins Regular wearing of a compression sleeve helps control the symptoms as well as prevents the development of venous disorders in the first place. Compression garments are usually worn during the day. You can consult with the doctor before wearing it. Medical compression […]

Medical Compression Arm Sleeves Vs. Performance Compression Arm Sleeves

To get the perfect arm sleeve for you, define your needs. Do you need arm sleeves for medical purposes, or do you want to improve your athletic performance? Should you choose medical vs. performance compression arm sleeves? This article will help you determine which arm sleeves you should seek out.   Medical Compression Arm Sleeves If it is a medical purpose, the criteria to select compression sleeves are different. Doctors usually recommend medical compression arm sleeves to treat varicose veins, lipoedema, lymphedema, and certain vascular conditions and after surgeries. When you choose a compression arm sleeve for medical treatment, an […]

Microfiber vs. Cotton – Which of these is better for you?

Unless you have experience in buying compression stockings, buying a new pair can be daunting. But now it will be likely for you to do once in every six months. See it as your long-term investment for your legs, but not one to be taken lightly. There are numerous fabric options available – from which you must be able to pick the best, which feels and looks great and priced in your budget as well. Seems tough to choose? Not to worry. We help you choose the right fabric for your compression stockings. We have already narrowed it down to […]